Sounds of Grief


There is a never-ending pain that starts the day we lose someone we love to death.

I believe it is very similar to the effect of the sea. At the beginning there is a storm of emotions, we feel overwhelmed and we realize we never understood how it felt before that moment. This is something all of us who lost a parent, child, close friend or other can testify. There is a before and an after.

Time is like a current and slowly washes the pain away from the storm, from being acute. We learn to live with that loss but like the currents of the sea, there is always a high tide moment when we are reminded of the loss and our own mortality. Moments when we feel more fragile, moments when the pain comes back to haunt us. Until the tide washes it away again.

Suprita Sengupta captured beautifully with her words

Somewhere in the middle of our happy moments, we all sigh a little in memory of someone we miss.

When I lost my dad almost 3 years ago, it was my first experience with death so close. In the turmoil of managing my own and my family’s emotions and funeral details, I found solace in the practice of mantras. I can say mantras saved me. I remember hours of chanting to a little altar I had made and that was the only thing that brought me back to a sense of stillness and a little sanity. I remember my sisters and mom finding it strange, but they left me to it. Each one of us was going through bereavement in her own manner.

I believe this is the first time I understood the power of sound healing.

Fast forward 3 years after, and I have studied to become a sound healer. There is a little magic and no magic in the use of sounds. We are all energy and vibrations are mechanical waves of frequency that trigger different outputs. Beyond the physics of the phenomenon, the magic is that a non-initiated can feel the effects almost immediately. A release, a reset, a reconnection, a haven.

Sounds are optimal to support a grieving process, as in my own experience: you don’t need to talk, you just have to surrender and connect to the flow of emotions through the gentle and soothing sounds of the crystal singing bowls or the therapy harp.

As a healing arts practitioner, we learn to create a safe container for the patient to support his or her own unique grieving process.

Whatever your emotions are: fear, anger, regrets, sadness… the sounds do not judge you. They flow through you to help you with your process.

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