A contemporary way to create a wellness lifestyle through sounds

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you feel constantly stressed or overwhelmed by every day’s pressures? Would you like to relax during a massage but cannot stand people touching you? Or maybe speaking in depth about your intimate worries in traditional therapies is not your cup of tea?

Whatever the case may be, welcome to The Wellbeing Catalyst, a space where we offer you a soft yet profound relaxation experience through sound baths.

Our modern lifestyles are creating increased demands and pressures, leading to stress and anxiety. The pandemic added an extra layer of fear for the future.

Such emotions and dis-eases are viewed as energy blockages by the ancient Chinese and Indian Yogi medicine.

Quantum physics have shown that everything is energy and working with sound allows us to remove those energy blockages to promote the free flow of the Chi or Prana, the life force energy that fosters our wellbeing. Sound healing uses the music notes and intervals to clear, bring back into balance and reenergize our energetic centres (our chakras).


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Unwind, Restore & Reconnect.

The Well-being Catalyst
Sound Healing